Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The patent filing in 9 Steps.

Realizing it was not that big of a deal, I still want to pass along the steps I followed to file a patent. I developed my product to solve a problem with my morning coffee. I created the product,started to sell it immediately and then when I had a solid shot at giving a sales presentation, I applied for the patent.

Used the US Patent & Trademark Office website  and they have become fairly user friendly. Start with the Patent process:

Flow Chart

Ok, so you probably thinking what I was... This is complicated? But after you start down the list (there is a simple text list available also) it goes quickly.

1. Already Patented?- Searched- NO
2. Design or Utility- Yes it looks cool but it serves a purpose...Utility
3. International or Domestic? US
4. Provisional or non? Provisional
5. Accelerated?- No
6. Hire a Lawyer or DIY? Me
7. Prepare for filing online. Type Description (Abstract) & Application (Provisional SB16)
8. Filed Online & uploaded PDF's of two forms listed in(7).
9. Paid the bill, Printed the receipt and now I'm ready to present.

They also have a free guide in a down-loadable format.
Now it's back to selling my product.


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