Saturday, May 14, 2011

Procrastination- The Art of Working... Late?

My Main goal this week:

Get the  Disclosure Form and related materials into the hands of the buyer.

Procrastination? I missed my goal.. I suck. I'm a failure. I will never amount to anything. or I missed my goal... It wasn't my fault. Too many people needed me. My normal business took too much time. I was way too busy.

I don't like either one. Over the years of start-ups, I realized long ago that missing a goal calls for adjustment not incrimination as a loser. I try to keep to goals and deadlines but it was apparent by Wednesday that I was probably going to miss the goal. My reason was that in order to make the goal I would have needed to put out a sub-par presentation and prototype.  I switched to monitoring whether or not I made daily forward progress. Did I finish the day one "action" further along than I started the day. One day it was just a matter of bringing the material I needed to the workstation. Some days you just need to bunt.

Looking back I would have made the Goal: Make a prototype that does justice to the concept. 

I made a good prototype.

My old prototype had been in use and was showing the signs of it's age. Sure it worked but maybe a little too good. You'll understand later when you see the product.

In the end I'm okay, I didn't stall out, no paralysis by analysis and yes I am further along then I was when I started.

Failure can only occur when you stop moving forward.- Biz

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New Goal: Make a licensing presentation that does justice to the concept.

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