Sunday, May 29, 2011

Justified Optimism- Licensing Presentation
Goal: Create a Licensing Presentation that does justice to the concept.
  • I had a problem.
  • Created a solution.
  • Made a prototype.
  • Filed a patent.
  • Found a company that showed Interest.
  • Signed the non-disclosure agreement.
  • Now... Create the Presentation:
    • Made a "flyer" in Microsoft Publisher.
    • Used Photographs of the problem, the solution (my prototype) and the product in use.
Key Points for Presenting:
  • Identify the problem- and then target to the need of your client. In this case, I presented to the Manufacturer emphasizing the impact to their client who may is suffering lost revenue because of the problem. Additionally,the manufacturers relationship may be in jeopardy because I can see where they are vulnerable to attach from their competition . (If they don't like the concept...I take it to their competitor)
  • Offer the Solution- A prototype that clearly stopped the problem. 
  • The Impact to the Prospect- They get additional revenue stream, happier client (end users buy more) and decrease the probability their customer goes to the competition.
Always focus on the sale from your customers perspective.

Now I wait:

Will they buy?

Is the product viable?

Will my Optimism be Justified?

Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress.-Alfred A. Montapert

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